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Snakes & Ladders is an ETJ publication for children's teachers and it currently appears twice a year.

To preview our Autumn 2006 publication, click on the following article links:
Suggestopedia: Music magic and classroom control
(by Emily Homma)
Playing with Fonix (by Jane Takizawa)
Parents Assisting in TEFL: Opening the world of English beyond the classroom walls
(by Dawn Shimura)
How we can learn from our students: My lessons learned (by Travis Ruetenik)
Speech Contests (by Sharon Abe)
Fairy tales in the classroom (by Kim Horne)
Free reading resources (by Ben Shearon)
Learning Styles:Catering to students' needs (by steve McAtamney)


Below are some archives of articles that have appeared in back issues of the Snakes & Ladders. The archives have been divided into the following categories: Features; Business Matters; Content-based learning; Festivals and Events; Games; Teacher Talk; Very Young Learners.


Barnes, Lisa & Grab, Carol Introduction to TPR story-telling Summer 2002
Blefgen-Togashi, Laura The need for self-esteem in teacher and child Fall 2004
Block, Don & Homma, Emily Teaching the very young Fall 2004
Briviati, Stephen Teaching reading and writing in elementary schools Spring 2001
Dennett, Lynn Baby English Winter 2002
Donan, Linda One teacher's New Year's resolution Winter 2002
Espinosa, Doray In transit Summer 2003
ETJ Aichi Running a succesful ETJ group: ETJ Aichi Spring 2003
Foley, Brad Tell me what you want Spring 2001
Foley, Hostetler, Illiescu & Weston It takes a tribe to raise an English speaker Spring 2001
Grab, Carol & Barnes, Lisa Introduction to TPR story-telling Summer 2002
Gray, Martin Early childhood ALTs in the JET program Summer 2003
Harrington, David Kazillions of flashcard games Spring 2004
Higa, Howard Creative drilling: Extensive practice masked as fun and games Spring 2003
Higa, Howard Pictures: Worth a thousand words (and then some) Winter 2003
Hoerchl, Matthew Small worlds Spring 2004
Homma, Emily & Block, Don Teaching the very young Fall 2004
Hunt, Chris The cutting edge Summer 2002
Hunt, Chris The A to Z of teaching: Attitudes of a non-teacher Winter 2002
Hunt, Chris & Miyake, Alison Is your classroom under control?: Discipline in the non-teacher's classroom Part 1 Summer 2003
Hunt, Chris & Miyake, Alison Is your classroom under control?: Discipline in the non-teacher's classroom Part 2 Winter 2003
Ito, Lesley In defence of greetings Fall 2004
Ito, Lesley Grammar shortcuts for kids Spring 2004
Krause, Aleda Music and rhythm for younger learners Summer 2003
Lisgo, David Computer-generated teaching materials Winter 2002
Lisgo, David Approaching phonics from A-Zebra Summer 2003
McAtamney, Stephen LTE: Learning Through English Spring 2005
MacKay, Katherine What's the time Mr Wolf?: Age-appropriate teaching strategies for children in Japan Spring 2003
Merner, Tom English in "Sogo": What's it all about? Winter 2002
Merner, Tom English in elementary schools Spring 2005
Minns, Sean Kindy hell? How not to teach a kindy class Spring 2004
Miyake, Alison & Hunt, Chris Is your classroom under control?: Discipline in the non-teacher's classroom Part 1 Summer 2003
Miyake, Alison & Hunt, Chris Is your classroom under control?: Discipline in the non-teacher's classroom Part 2 Winter 2003
Nagashima, Michelle Teaching content in the L2 classroom Winter 2003
Nakamura, Mari Motivate students, accelerate learning Spring 2005
Nakamura, Mari Teaching collocation to children: Raising young learner's language awareness Winter 2003
Oshima, Nicola Stop teaching your pre-schoolers Spring 2005
Isozaki, Anna Returnees Winter 2002
Sato, Chris The customer is king Summer 2002
Shimura, Dawn Smiley English: An EFL children's group, parents included Spring 2003
Toyama, Setsuko The power of picture books Spring 2003
Vilina, Kathleen Kampa Multiple intelligences for the youger learner Summer 2002
Warner, Peter

Labels, pictures and ELT: Selecting, finding and creating the right graphic

Fall 2004
Wiltshier, John English in Sendai primary schools; What is the current situation? Winter 2003

Business Matters

Sato, Chris Which came first the baby or the student? Winter 2003
Shearon, Ben Hiring staff Spring 2004
Shearon, Ben Educating parents, dissipating tension Fall 2004
Warner, Peter Open class Spring 2004

Content-based Learning

Nagashima, Michelle Content-based learning Summer 2003

Festivals and events

Abe, Sharon An eventful day Summer 2002
Abe, Sharon Summer camp Spring 2003
Abe, Sharon Sites for sore eyes Winter 2003
Abe, Sharon Going afield Fall 2004
Shimura, Dawn A smiley Halloween party Summer 2003
Takizawa, Jane English fun day Spring 2004
Zeid, Mark Interactive celebrations for a Jewish holiday Winter 2002


Takizawa, Jane Recycling games Winter 2002
Takizawa, Jane Bingo, the grandfather of ESL games Spring 2003
Takizawa, Jane Karuta: Too competitive for ESL/EFL? Summer 2003
Takizawa, Jane Converstion games (for classes that would rather play than study) Winter 2003
Takizawa, Jane A game for everyone Fall 2004
Takizawa, Jane Getting into English mode: Warm-up activities to create an English atmosphere Spring 2004
Takizawa, Jane Using dice - Never a gamble Spring 2005

Teacher talk

Jones, Bob Let's go shopping! Summer 2003
Okabe, Maki The kids and I Winter 2002
Spencer, Shelley My class Summer 2002
Thiessen, Judith Reflections of an elementry school English teacher Spring 2003
Warner, Peter A special appeal: Promoting the Hepburn romaji system Winter 2003

Very Young Learners

Corin, Douglas Beginning phonics with pre-kindergarten learners Winter 2003
Howell, Charles Winging it - tips for teaching the very young Spring 2003
Howell, Charles English for very youg learners: Playing with dollhouses Summer 2003
Howell, Charles Reading storybooks in the EFL classroom Winter 2003
Howell, Charles Multiple intelligences for young learners Spring 2004
MacDonnell, Tania Learning through play - Language teaching techniques for young learners Summer 2002